Comms & Modern IT

Fast effective means of communication are key in the relationships with our customers, suppliers and service providers. We have a modern IT and communication infrastructure featuring;

  • 8 ISDN voice lines
  • Voicemail
  • 8mb Broadband Connection
  • SMTP email
  • Facsimile
  • PDF Generation
  • Cellular Phones
  • Multiple Servers
  • Blackberry Mobiles
  • Anti Virus & Spam protection
  • Continuous Backup Security
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Documents scanning & archiving with SQL database for fast retrieval.


Our commercial liability cover is provided by leading Commercial Insurers. The following insurance indemnities are maintained;

  • Employers Liability - £10m
  • Public Liability - £2m
  • Products Liability - £2m

Environmental/Waste Management

The environment and the effect our products have in use and at disposal are important to us. All cardboard, paper, polythene, steel, aluminium, plastic, wood, paper and plastic/steel strapping is recycled locally by a leading recycling firm on our behalf. Please recycle all products and packaging supplied where facilities exist.


All local deliveries up to a 60 mile radius from our works are carried out by our own delivery vehciles.

Small orders containing up to 14 packages are delivered on a next working day service as standard by distribution specialists. Premium AM, timed and Saturday delivery options are available at additional cost.

Large orders are delivered next working day on pallets using a dedicated pallet distribution network. Again Premium AM, timed and Saturday delivery options are available at extra cost


Products are mainly packaged in high quality double wall kraft cardboard boxes. The maximum weight per box is restricted where practical to 25.0kgs. Individual items can be packed and labelled in bespoke packaging such as polythene bags or blister shells on request.


Barcodes are readily used for stock control and indentification within the supply chain or at the point of sale. Arinsdale Ltd is a member of GSI This membership provides us with a unique identifier to be able to produce EAN-8 and EAN13 and EAN-128 bar codes. Thermal transfer printers are used to accurately transfer this information onto product and packaging labels. Barcodes are verified on handheld readers to ensure accuracy.