We have had an established manufacturing facility since 1986. Our customers include both end users and resellers; In addition we are often specified as original equipment suppliers to vehicle and semi-trailer manufacturers and by large fleets.

Our products are developed with the valuable feedback from our Customers. Key aspects of our ongoing development process are;

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Longevity
  • Ease of Use
  • Added Value

The continued success of our business is founded on the personal service provided to customers, attention to detail and the commitment to deliver quality products on time, every time.

Our Standards

Primarily we have a certified Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. This system is accredited annually by the British Standards Institution. Our certificate number is FM38531.

All products manufactured or supplied by us are produced in accordance with published product standards or industry best practice. This process takes into account any applicable EU Directives, specific Health & Safety legislation. Please ask if you require a particular technical file or certification.

In December 2008 we became only the 2nd firm in the UK to successfully obtain a Kitemark licence (KM539541) for lashing products to BS EN 12195-2:2001. 

In 2010 BSI took the decision to reduce the number of Kitemark schemes available. As a consequence the scheme for lashings in accordance with BS EN 12195-2:2001 was withdrawn without replacement. Currently there are no firms holding Kitemark certification for this product standard.

Care & Use Instructions

Care & use instructions for product ranges can be downloaded here;


We manufacture all webbing lashings in accordance with BS EN 12195-2:2001. The BS5759:1987 standard for lashings was withdrawn by BSI on 15 December 2001. The latest publication of standard BS EN 12195-2:2001 incorporates amendment 15863 (Corrigendum 1) stating in the national foreword that this standard supersedes BS 5759:1987.

The ratings under the BS EN 12195-2:2001 standard are measured in decanewtons (daN). This is a unit of force rather than weight. For the purposes of this standard: 1.0 kg = 1.0 daN. Therefore 1000 daN = 1.0 Tonnes.